CITRONOLA was born from my love of the drinks I had as a child in my home country, Guatemala.  I recreated these drinks to give my own children a healthy and flavorful break from sugary refreshments.  Now, I share them with you...stylishly, artfully, and deliciously at your own celebrations.

New Orleans knows how to throw a party and we at CITRONOLA love to be at the heart of them!  We believe in a healthy lifestyle. That’s why our homemade beverages use only fresh, natural ingredients.  Gently sweetened with our exclusive blend of maple syrup and citrus, our drinks are delicious alone or when used as mixers.

The beverages can be elegantly presented in either individual glass bottles or half gallon jars.   We bring our love of entertaining and artistic eye to each beverage station we create.

Refresh naturally and laissez les bon temps rouler with us soon!

-Claudia Benevento